The House

❀House Info❀

Some imitate. Others duplicate. We originate.

Mission Statement:
The purpose of Tri Pi shall be to establish a bond of friendship among its members, to empower a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way.

As a Tri Pi Sister, I pledge to…
To live in the light of the stars while exhibiting the five Ideals of The Tri Pi woman.
To promise to be Confident, Independent, Supportive, Educated, and Powerful
To serve my sisters and college with steadfast devotion
To believe in the fantastical while staying rooted in reality

Colors: Pink and White

Mascot: Unicorn

❀Role Play House Rules❀

★Tri Pi of any rank will dress in a classy manner. If wearing a skirt or dress, you are ʀᴇϙᴜɪʀᴇᴅ to wear panties.

★No guests are allowed in the sorority house unless accompanied by a Sister or above (NOT a Pledge or Potential). Guests are not allowed to wander through the house without a Sister or above by their side. Guests are encouraged to go to their own places of slumber when you go to bed. Be courteous, we don’t all want to hear your bedroom exploits.

★You will be given a Sister sweater upon entitlement. When there are any sorority events, you are required to wear your Sister sweater with either a white skirt or white pants (no shorts) and heels. Also, pledges will received a pledge shirt after their complete their pledge meeting. These are treated with the same rules as official letters. (We will notify in advance when uniform is required)

★There will be absolutely NO drugs in the sorority house.

★As a Tri Pi Sister, we take pride in our academics as well as attendance to classes.

★There will be NO smoking and/or drinking in your letters (Sister sweater/ Pledge shirt).

★If you wish to be promiscuous, do not cause a reputation for yourself. We will not allow the house and Sisters to have a negative stigma.

☆The Two Tap Rule☆

As a Sister, if you are out and you see another Sister or Pledge/Potential acting obscene or breaking a rule you will walk over and give said Sister or Pledge/Potential “two taps” on their shoulder. That is their ONE chance to correct their behavior. If they persist and you do tap them again, she must immediately return to the house; no fighting and no discussion. She is done for the night and must await her punishment from the Founders.

❀House Rules❀

★ Pledges/Potentials are allowed to use the 3rd floor room straight up the stairs. Sisters get to use the 2nd floor side rooms. Founders are in the other 3rd floor room left of the stairs and the 2nd floor master bedroom.

★ No one can rez anything in the house unless it is for RP and is then picked up at the completion of the scene. If the scene extends over a day, expect your items to be returned.

❀OOC Rules❀

★This is an Adult Rated sim, your minimum age can only be 18. We will not accept anyone under the age of 18. Anyone attempting to join the sorority who is underage or even at the sim; will immediately be reported to the sim’s admins.

★If you have ANY in character or out of character drama with a member of the Tri Pi House, please report it to either the Founders or drop a notecard in the mailbox by the sorority house’s front door. We will not tolerate childish drama. Also, please understand the difference between someone being mean In Character and Out of Character.

★Please do your best to attend any sorority meetings or events, we do understand that RL can be a pain. If you can not attend a meeting, please read the minutes that are provided after each meeting to stay up to date on what is going on in and with the house.

★Due to the fact that this is a Role Play sim, we expect to see you Role Playing. If you want to talk OOCly, please take it to IMs or group chat.

★Everyone has three chances. If you break any OOC rules more than three times, you will be booted from the Tri Pi Sorority.

★ Inactive members will be removed from the house.

★ If you leave the house without speaking with a Founder and then try to return, you will not be returned to previous status. Think and speak before you leave. This means you will start out as a potential.

★ If you have an alt and want to bring it into Tri Pi, they do not receive the status of your old character. Fresh start is a fresh start.