Honey’s Tri Pi Pride

If you’re looking to belong somewhere, I know a place you would –
The girls you’ll meet within Tri Pi will give you sisterhood!

You’ll be empowered as you learn to be all you can be,
And you’ll find the inspiration deeply rooted in their creed:

Be confident and independent; be supportive, too.
Be educated and powerful – they’ll be so proud of you!

Their mission is for you to you grow much bigger than you think,
And they do it all in happy colors of snow white and pink.

So if someone should ask you how you have so much self-pride,
Tell them you have a unicorn, and are on a helluva ride!

Tri Pi Fashion Newsletter – 10-6-2017

¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸ Tri Pi Fashion Newsletter – 10-6-2017¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸

Here is a cute skirt from Le Fil Casse available at Fameshed for those of you still looking for the perfect little white skirt. This comes in white as well as various other colors and each color comes with a HUD to change the color of the of the top section to any color of the fatpack.





For our older offerings, this week we will have two. One is a cute little microkini from Boom for FLF. It only comes in plum, but for 50L it’s worth adding to your wardrobe even if you don’t get a chance to wear it until next summer. Pssst, you can even slide the bottoms to the side if you’re feeling naughty. 


The second comes from Tetra for FLF. The capri pants fit well, have a really nice shape and a quality texture and for 50L a wonderful addition to your fall collection. Keep in mind these are only available today, so go grab them before midnight.  



Our useful item of the week comes from {SmexyL} called the Follow Grab Hug HUD 2.0 and it can be found on the Second Life Marketplace. This HUD allows you to hug or ride on your friend’s back, drape off them like a cape, or even a mimic follow mode, that would be really helpful when you are so lagged out that you can’t walk. Just attach yourself to a friend and let them walk you where you want to go. For 99L it’s a really fun and useful tool that no girl should be without. 

Notable Events this week: (links to shopping guides)

Black Fair

The Darkness

Chapter Four

We Love Roleplay




Happy Shopping!

Hanna <3